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Q:What caused the tiny little bubbles that popped up on my door after your craftsmen left?
A: When the sunlight touches the door, it heats the wood, causing the air trapped in the pores to expand. This is the reason we cover your door with white plastic to try and keep that from happening.This has nothing to do with craftsmanship. This doesn't happen often, but it does happen. We will have to come back when your door drys to sand the blemishes and respray more topcoats. You end up with more finish on your door...yea!

Q: What type of finish do you put on the doors?

A: We use a Marine Grade Spar Urethane with a UV blocker....this is an oil base which means it will last longer than a water based Acrylic, (that one of my competitors use)

Q: Can you refinish anything else, such as furniture?
A: We could, but we stick to our core business which is refinishing doors. My philosophy is to pick one thing, and be very good at it.....which we are!

Q: How long have you been refinishing?
A: I was raised in the back shop of a piano store, working on pianos when I was 11...I am 59 now...you can do the math. I have had numerous refinishing shops over the years, refinishing everything from end tables to Dining room sets, to rebuilding a Horse Drawn Hearse from the 1800's. Rebuilding Antiques, Jukeboxes, and Slot machines. You name it.

Q: How long does it take to refinish a door?
A: Under normal circumstances it should take approximately 3-4 hours to refinish a single side door. I have personally taken down, refinished and re-hung an 8' door in 2 hours (by myself), but I'm pretty awesome though!

Q: Why would it take longer?
A: Stripping extra coats of finish off may slow us down, shellac, multiple layers of paint, excessive damage, or refinishing more than one door. 
Q: Should I polish my door after you're done, to help it last longer?
A: No, using products with wax, oils, or silicones could hinder future refinishing. When we strip the finish, the silicones, oils, or waxes from the polishes, soak in the wood, causing whats known as fish eyes (dimples) in the finish. This could prevent a smooth finish. Older homes such as those in the Heights have more of a chance of having Silicone in the finish because of the polishes used in the old days. Please don't try to spruce up a dry damaged finish with Old English, Pledge, Murphy's Soap.....ect

Q: What should I use to clean it then?
A: I recommend using a slightly water dampened cloth. If you need something stronger than water, use Windex or a mild cleaner, but be quick with it, don't leave it on too long.

Q: How many doors have you re-finished so far?
A: As of April 30 2014 we have refinished 9,351 doors

Q:Can you remove my Baldwin locks before refinishing my doors?

A:We really do not like removing these locks because of their complexity. We normally wait until we see the age of the locks before we make a decision on removing them. We are not locksmiths

Q: Why is there an uneven gap at the top of my door?

A: Almost all exterior doors have an uneven gap at the top of the door on the handle side. This is caused from the weight of the door stretching the top hinges. With time, your door will start to sag on the handle side, because of its weight. The hinges could be stretching out of shape, the hinge screws may need to be tightened or in some instances, the casing that holds the hinges may be working itself loose. Replacing the hinges will make a difference, but we will adjust your door when we reinstall it to take the sag back out. 99% of the time we can get your door closing normally again. This does not mean we can take the uneven gap out, only make it less prominent....sometimes.

Q: What form of payments do you take?
A: Cash, Check, and Credit Cards thru PayPal and the Square

Q: How many trucks do you have in the field refinishing doors?
A: We have 7  work trucks as of 10/3/16

Q: Do you have any contracts?
A: Heritage Grand, in Cinco Ranch, Katy,  
We are contracted to refinish ALL 660 doors every 3 years

A:The Enclave at Mill point
(Woodlands) Refinish all doors

A:The Waterway Village Town homes
(Woodlands) Refinish all doors and casing

Q: Are you Bonded?
A: Yes 
Q: Are you insured for general liability?
A: Yes, for $2,000.000.00

Q: Do you refinish stain glass doors?
A: We can refinish any door, we mask off all glass so as not to damage it

Q: Do you install doors?
A: Not yet

Q: Why do the horizontal boards look lighter?
A: The is an optical illusion caused by light reflecting off of the wood grain. The two pictures are the same door taken at different angles 

As you can see on the left door, the bottom rail is lighter as you walk up to it. Squat down and you see the change in the rail color as in the right door.
There is NOTHING we can do about this. 

It does not happen to all doors and it's not from a lack of stain on the wood. This is not a warranty issue.

Some Frequently Asked Questions