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Rubber Sweep

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​​​​​​​​Weather Strip Replacement

How many Lizards and Bugs have you seen in your home lately?

"Did you know that 10%-20% of your electric bill
 could be escaping from around your doors?"

"We carry all the weather strips needed
to help get your energy cost back down". - Rick 

Does your Air Conditioner/Heater cycle off  and on too much?

The Front and Back door weather strips

are usually the first to disintegrate because of heavy use.    

Air leaks around your doors are a leading source of energy loss in your home.

Do you feel that your electric bill is getting higher every year?
How many doors do you have leading outside?

Have our guys give you a free inspection all of your doors to see which ones need replacing

Installing new weather stripping around all your doors will prevent air escaping from your home.
Stopping this air flow will keep heated and cooled indoor living spaces more comfortable

and prevent increased energy bills.